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The Plan


Moving Mid-Michigan is the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for the Greater Lansing tri-county region, located in south central Michigan. Lansing, the state capital, and East Lansing, home to Michigan State University, are at the epicenter of our region, which includes Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham counties.  

The MTP is a long-range outlook on our future transportation needs. As our region continues to grow, the plan plays a critical role in identifying projects and strategies that will improve and maintain roads, transportation infrastructure, our economy, the environment, and citizen safety and connectivity.

Public Involvement

We want to hear from YOU! What do you want to see happen with transportation in Mid-Michigan? Take our survey today and tell us how you think we should prioritize the region's goals.


We are pleased to announce that kickoff has taken place! Look for future opportunities, or send us a public comment form with your thoughts now.

Be heard, be involved, and be a part of the future.

Goals for Our Region

Goals give our communities a framework for making future decisions. We've set a list of goals and objectives to guide the Plan and help create a vision of how future transportation will serve the people and businesses in our area. 


The Plan works toward connectivity, quality of life, safety, improving our economy, and preserving the environment.

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