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Why We Do It


Metropolitan Transportation Plans (MTPs) establish a long-range vision for improvements in our transportation systems and infrastructure. They consider and incorporate everything from biking and pedestrian trails (non-motorized facilities), to traffic congestion, safety issues, road condition, and public transit.

Mid-Michigan is at the intersection of major highways, rail lines, trail systems, waterways, and an international airport, all of which affect our economy, the environment, and the safety and accessibility of our community members. The MTP plays a critical role in guiding the selection of transportation projects in our local communities that will integrate these characteristics and concerns.


Moving Mid-Michigan is the Greater Lansing region's 25-year outlook on the specific transportation needs in our area. Its goals support moving people, moving forward, and moving in the right direction for our future.

Goal 1:

Advance Mobility & Infrastructure Investment


Improve Efficiency, Reliability & Connectivity of System

Sustainably Maintain & Enhance Infrastructure

Promote Equitable Access to Transportation Options


Goal 2:

Cultivate Economic Prosperity


Move People & Goods Effectively

Enhance Travel, Tourism & Talent Attraction

Encourage Strategic Community Development

Goal 3:

Improve Quality of Life


Protect Public Health & Safety

Protect Natural Resources & Consider the Environment

Improve Access to Community & Recreational Amenities

View actions and measurables for each of these objectives in the plan

Vision Statement

With an engaged community, equitably provide and maintain a sustainable multimodal transportation system for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods throughout the tri-county region.


Enhance the connectivity within the region by establishing an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable transportation system that offers viable travel choices, enhances public health, and fosters regional inter‐jurisdictional cooperation.

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