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How Does the Plan Impact Me?


Do you drive to work? Do you hate potholes? Do you ride your bike on trails or walk through parks? Maybe you ride the bus or other public transportation? Have you ever been in a traffic incident? Do you go shopping or operate your own business?


If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you should care about Metropolitan Transportation Plans. Transportation planning affects all of us - it influences the roads that are repaired, the systems that are implemented, and even the goods, services, and businesses that come into the area. As our economy grows and travel in the region increases, our communities will look to plans like this for recommendations and analyses that guide them in their decision making.

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Who We Want to Reach


EVERYONE can share their thoughts! We welcome input from all walks of life, from people living and working in all areas in the tri-county region. No idea is too small or too grand. Planners find inspiration everywhere! 


Remember, the Plan should reflect what changes YOU want to see in your community. Get involved in the planning process by attending a public meeting, submitting your feedback, or exploring the region's transportation projects coming May 2025.

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